How to Install the Ceiling Lamp with Metal Anchor Bolt?

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How to Install the Ceiling Lamp with Metal Anchor Bolt?

How to Install the Ceiling Lamp with Metal Anchor Bolt?

In home decoration, people like to choose ceiling lamp, so it can be seen in kitchen, bedroom and aisle. However, not everyone knows how to install it with tie-wire M8 metal anchor bolts.


How to Install Ceiling Lamp?

Choose the Location

In order to install the ceiling lamp with M8 tie-wire anchor bolts, the first thing to do is to determine the installation position of the ceiling lamp. For example, the ceiling lamp of the living room, dining room and kitchen has better install in the middle, which will make the light in each position more even. By considering the influence of mosquito net and light on sleep, the ceiling lamp in the bedroom should not be installed on the top of the bed with slotted hex head M8 anchor bolts as far as possible. In addition, the installation position of the ceiling lamp should be selected in the wall or ceiling which can bear the weight of the ceiling lamp, because the wooden wall may fall over time.


Remove the Ceiling Lamp Mask

In general, the ceiling lamp cover has two fixed ways: rotation and buckle, so be careful to avoid damaging the ceiling lamp. After removing the mask, remove the lamp tube by the way to prevent breaking the lamp tube when installing it with slotted hex head metal anchor bolts.


Mounting Base

Place the base in the intended installation position and mark the wall with pencil. After removing the base, drill holes in the marked position with an electric drill. Then, install the flat mushroom M8 wall anchors for fixing the base in the hole and you need to pay attention to the diameter of the hole and the depth of embedding to match the specification of the flat mushroom M8 metal anchor bolt. The last thing you need to do is put the base back in place and fix it with tie-wire metal anchor bolts.


Connect the Wires

After fixing the base, you can connect the power cord to the wiring base of the ceiling lamp. It should be noted that the electrical contact between the two wire ends connected to the ceiling lamp power line should be kept in good condition and wrapped with black tape. Try to put the two wire ends under different metal pieces to avoid short circuit and danger.


Install Masks and Pendants

The ceiling lamp in the living room also needs to install a series of pendants. Because each ceiling lamp pendant is different, the specific installation method and selection of slotted hex head wall anchors can refer to the product manual.


How to Purchase Ceiling Lamp?


Detection Light Source

Some owners will find that some lights are relatively bright when selecting lamps, which is due to the different light efficiency and color temperature of light source. Some small manufacturers produce very low light sources, but in order to look brighter, they will make the color temperature higher.


You can extend the palm to the light source and check the color of the palm. If the palm is red, it means that the color temperature is good. If the palm is blue or purple, the color temperature is too high.


Watch Electrical Appliances

All fluorescent light sources need ballast, which can bring instantaneous starting voltage and stable voltage to the light source, so the quality of ballast directly determines the life and luminous efficiency of the lamp.


Look at the Mask

There are many manufacturers producing ceiling lamps on the market, so the mask materials used are also different. Common mask materials include acrylic mask, plastic mask and glass mask.

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