How to Install a Hanging Wine Rack with Toggle Bolt?

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How to Install a Hanging Wine Rack with Toggle Bolt?

How to Install a Hanging Wine Rack with Toggle Bolt?

The wine rack is a shelf for placing red wine, foreign wine and various drinks. It often used in commercial wine cellars, shopping malls, bars, homes, hotels, western restaurants and various high-end clubs. With the improvement of modern people's living standards, almost every household has a few bottles of red wine and foreign wine, and the wine rack is a kind of object that people used to store wine. Both in terms of ornamental and practicality, they are very important, especially wine cellars and high-end clubs dedicated to storing wine. The importance of wine racks is self-evident.


Many wines can be stored well at room temperature. By installing a hanging wine rack, transform your wine collection into an artwork and release the counter space. Whether you choose a simple wall model that holds two or three bottles or a larger ceiling mount, proper installation will ensure that the rack is secure and will not permanently damage the wall. In this process, M3 carbon steel toggle bolts and slotted hex head butterfly anchor are needed.




How to correctly install the hanging wine rack

1 Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the hardware hanging on the wine rack.


2 Find the wall nails on the wall where you plan to install the wine rack, and the joists on the ceiling. Use the stud viewfinder or hammer to tap the wall. A solid thud indicates a stud, while a hollow sound means no stud is present.


3 Use a pencil to transfer the wine rack hanging metal measuring instrument to the wall or ceiling. If possible, all bolts used to install the wine rack should be in M12 steel stud toggle bolts. If the rack is installed with a single bolt, place it on top of the stud. If there are multiple M4 heavy duty toggle bolts on the rack, place at least one of them on the Zinc plated stud toggle bolts. The hanger can only be installed in the joist.


4 Drill a pilot hole in the gypsum board and put the toggle bolts for metal studs at the marked location. Use a drill bit one size smaller than the mounting screws.


5 Drill a hole slightly larger than the stud to find any mounting screws that are not in the bolt. The metal sheath of the toggle bolt spreads like a wing. These wings anchor the screws in the absence of studs and can support loads of 25 pounds or more without damaging the wall.


6 Starting from the stud hole, insert the wine rack into the wall. Use comboround wood spring toggle screws for stud installation. Pass the M8 tie-wire flip toggle bolts through the wine rack mounting holes for non-double-ended bolt installation. Insert the toggle into the prepared hole and tighten until the wing pops out and secure the frame flush to the wall. For the ceiling racks, screw the hook into the pilot hole, and then hang the rack from the hook.

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