How to Install Wall Coat Rack with Toggle Bolt?

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How to Install Wall Coat Rack with Toggle Bolt?

How to Install Wall Coat Rack with Toggle Bolt?

The coat rack can be used for temporarily hanging clothes and other stuff, which is very convenient. For example, clothes hangers are usually installed at the entrance to provide convenience for hanging clothes when guests visit. Although the coat hook is a very small item, it is often used in the decoration process. The best way to stabilize the rack is to fix it on the studs behind the wall panel, so please prepare carbon steel heavy duty toggle bolts. Installing a wall-mounted coat rack is a simple process that takes no more than 20 minutes.


Why do you need a coat hook

There are many places in life where you need to install a coat rack. Generally, the entry door will be installed with a coat rack to hang clothes temporarily. Bathrooms are also usually equipped with hangers to hang bathrobes, bathrobes, etc., which are easy to wear after showering. The bedroom will also be equipped with a coat hook, and some pajamas worn daily will also be hung on the coat hook.



How to determine the installation location

Before installing the hook, you need to determine which parts of the house need to be installed. What size and type of hooks can be accommodated in different spaces? Then to select a suitable coat hook. The place where the coat hook is installed does not need to be too large, but the space for hanging clothes should be sufficient. After deciding where to install the coat hook, consider the height at the time of installation. Generally speaking, the height of 1.6 meters will be suitable for most people's comfort when hanging clothes.



Installation steps

After determining the specific location and height of the installation, place the coat hook on the wall. The panel of the coat hook will have two mounting holes. Use a pencil to draw a line at the corresponding position. Pay attention to keep the coat hook horizontal.


After drawing the holes, drill holes in the wall, and then put the Tie-wire stainless steel toggle bolts in. At this time, the panel of the coat hook should be connected to the hook, and the holes on the back of the hook should be aligned with the holes on the panel. Tighten it with the Zinc plated toggle bolts for plasterboard in the accessories.


Next, install the entire assembled hook panel on the wall, use toggle bolts for metal studs to connect the panel to the expansion bolts in the wall, and fasten it. If there is a decorative buckle, buckle it at the exposed large plastic strap toggle bolts. The most important thing to note about the installation of the hook is to ensure the levelness and firmness of the hook after installation.


Coat racks are used in many situations in life. After decoration, a clothes hook may be added again. Then you need to install it by yourself. As long as the tools such as M5 toggle bolt ceiling hook, M12 toggle bolt drywall anchor and M3 comboround butterfly bolts nuts are prepared, you can install the coat hook smoothly.

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