How to Install TV Bracket with Plastic Anchors?

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How to Install TV Bracket with Plastic Anchors?

How to Install TV Bracket with Plastic Anchors?

Television can be said to be the most commonly used home appliances. In spite of the intense competition from projectors, most families still keep the position of their TV. You can try to install a TV stand on your own with slotted hex head plastic hollow wall anchors, which can save money and train your hands-on ability. Of course, random installation certainly cannot meet the requirements, because it is difficult for non-professionals.


The most important step of TV frame installation with flat mushroom M8 toggle bolts is positioning and drilling, which is the same as ordinary installation engineering. According to the installation process, it can be divided into four parts: tool preparation, leveling, drilling and TV installation.


Tool Preparation


Impact drill. The installation of TV frame requires drilling and installing M8 split ribbed plastic anchors, so the impact drill must be indispensable. Instead of the ordinary electric drill, it should be noted that the impact drill should be able to pass through the concrete wall.




Level to determine whether the TV set is flat or not. No need to use a professional level, small simple level is enough to use. After one point is determined, another point can be determined by the level.

The order of installing accessories has been noted in the instruction manual, so it is OK to operate directly according to the instruction. If the hole on the wall is shallow and not easy to fix, you can find a cushion to drill.

Fixed point is to find the center point of bracket installation, which can be determined according to the TV wall or TV cabinet. Mark the center with a pencil and the height to be determined is the height between the hole location and the ground. In general, three heights need to be determined, including the height of TV cabinet H3, the height between cabinet surface and TV bottom H2 and the height between bracket mounting hole and TV bottom H1. Among them, H3 and H1 are fixed, while H2 needs to be determined according to personal use habits. Generally speaking, the TV cabinet will not put too high things that will block the TV and affect the line of sight. The highest height of game console and smart audio is about 25cm.


Drilling and Fixing


The diameter of the drill should be selected according to the size of the slotted hex head plastic toggle anchor and the action should be slight when drilling. Positioning can prevent drilling deviation and the drilling depth needs to exceed the length of flat mushroom M8 extruded plastic plug.

Put the flat mushroom nylon wall anchor into the base and tighten the nut with a wrench. When you use your own wrench to screw, it is recommended to wear gloves to prevent injury. In addition, it is necessary to put a level gauge to ensure the level and the tie-wire knotting plastic anchors need to be fixed and tightened diagonally.

The last thing you can't forget is to fasten the plastic cover.


TV Installation


TV installation is not a project that one person can complete, so be sure to ask for help. Two people lift the TV and one holds the screw. After fixing with M8 tie-wire plastic conical anchors, you can sit on the sofa and look down the slope until you find a suitable angle and tighten the screws on the back.

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