How to Install Outdoor Gym Equipments?

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How to Install Outdoor Gym Equipments?

How to Install Outdoor Gym Equipments?

With more and more countries have entered the aging society, how to improve the quality of life of the elderly has become a social problem of high concern. Fitness is an important means for the elderly to strengthen their health and prolong their life span. The elderly are not suitable for strenuous exercise. Therefore, fitness equipment has become the best choice for the elderly. At present, many communities install fitness equipment in leisure areas. Standard size stainless steel wedge anchor bolt are required when installing fitness equipment. However, if the installation personnel use poor quality low price wedge anchor bolts, it may pose a threat to the health of the elderly. 



Installation Method of Fitness Equipment

Most fitness equipment is directly installed on the ground. This kind of fitness equipment needs to be installed on the concrete ground. Most fitness equipment will be assembled by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. When installing fitness equipment, there are two installation methods to choose. The first method is to bury the bottom of fitness equipment directly in the ground, and the second method is to use plastic nylon wall plugs plastic ceiling wedge anchor to install fitness equipment. The following content describes the specific installation steps.



Installation Steps of Fitness Equipment

First, you need to take the equipment out of the package and lay it flat on the ground. If you use the first method to install fitness equipment, you need to dig a hole in the ground according to the size of the fitness equipment. Take common fitness equipment for example, you need to dig a hole in the ground with a diameter of 30 cm and a depth of 30 cm. After that, you need to put the bottom of the equipment into the hole and support it with human or bamboo poles and other supports. Finally, you need to pour the right amount of concrete into the hole. When the concrete is completely set, the fitness equipment is installed.


If you use good price steel metric screw type wedge anchors to install fitness equipment, you should first determine the installation position of the fitness equipment, and use a drill bit matched with the high quality stainless steel wedge M25 anchor bolt, and use an impact drill to drill several holes on the ground with a depth greater than or equal to the length of the good quality wedge anchor bolt. After that, you need to use a hammer to fix the 2020 new product concrete wedge anchor bolt nut in the hole, align the hole at the bottom of the fitness equipment with the expansion screw, and use a wrench to tighten the expansion screw. So you can install a fitness equipment.


The carbon steel through bolt wedge anchor bolt is composed of screw, expansion pipe and other parts. The tail of the screw is conical, and the inner diameter of the cone is larger than that of the expansion pipe. When the nut is tightened, the screw rod moves outward, and the axial movement of the thread can make the conical part move, thus forming a great pressure on the peripheral surface of the expansion pipe. In addition, the angle of the cone is very small, so that the friction self-locking is formed between the wall, the expansion pipe and the cone, so as to achieve the fixation effect. 

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