How to Install Cable Bridge?

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How to Install Cable Bridge?

How to Install Cable Bridge?

The following specifications are only applicable to the laying of bridge cables with voltage of 10kV and below.

1. Determine the location


Determine the position from the beginning to the end according to the construction drawing and mark the direction along the drawing. Then draw lines on the wall, ceiling, floor, beam, slab and column along the bridge direction with powder line bag and draw the positions of supports, hangers and brackets evenly.


2. Embedded iron parts or expansion bolts


The embedded iron parts processed by ourselves shall not be less than 120mmx80mmx6mm and the diameter of slotted hex head wedge anchors shall not be less than 10mm.

Closely cooperate with the construction of civil structure. The plane of the embedded iron parts shall be close to the formwork and the zinc plated M10 mechanical anchors shall be fixed on the reinforcement in the structure by binding or welding. After the concrete formwork is removed, the bracket, hanger or bracket shall be welded on it for fixation.

According to the load of the support, the corresponding zinc plated M10 toggle bolts and drill bit are selected. After the bolt is embedded, the bracket or hanger can be directly fixed on the flat mushroom double expansion anchors with nut and corresponding washer.


3. Support and hanger installation


The steel used for supports and hangers shall be straight and free from significant distortion. There should be no curling and burr at the incision;

The steel support and hanger shall be welded firmly without obvious deformation. Before welding, the bracket and iron parts with thickness more than 4mm shall be beveled.

Supports and hangers shall be installed firmly. The installation of supports and hangers on buildings with slope should be consistent with the angle of buildings;

It is forbidden to cut any part of steel structure or light steel keel by electric welding;

The universal spreader shall be of approved products and shall have its own independent lifting fixture or support system.

The distance between fixed fulcrum should not be greater than 1.5~2m.

It is strictly forbidden to fix the bracket and hanger with wood bricks.


4. Bridge installation


When the cable bridge is horizontally laid, the support span is generally 1.5~3m and the spacing between fixed points should not be greater than 2m when the cable bridge is vertically laid.

Installation of portal angle steel frame: when the ladder type bridge is vertically laid along the wall, the portal angle steel bracket can be used and the fixing of the bracket shall be embedded in accordance with the civil construction as far as possible. In addition, flat mushroom drop in anchors can also be embedded in civil construction and fixed with sleeve anchors.

Cable bridge column side wall installation: the column can be installed on the wall, on the column or on the beam. Tie-wire lag screw shield anchors can be used in brick masonry with concrete strength C20 or brick strength above MU10.


5. bracket installation


The corbel is a rigid part directly used to support pallets and separate fixed ladders. It is necessary to embed bolts and slotted hex head stud anchors can also be used because the corbel is fixed by M8 heavy duty shield anchors.


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