How to Install Automatic Revolving Door with Mechanical Anchors?

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How to Install Automatic Revolving Door with Mechanical Anchors?

How to Install Automatic Revolving Door with Mechanical Anchors?

Automatic revolving door is a common and popular category, so many hotels and restaurants choose to use automatic revolving door. Although the automatic revolving door is very convenient and easy to use, but the installation still needs to be careful and the operation steps are more complex. In addition, installation of automatic revolving door by using M8 lag screw shield anchors should pay attention to a lot of matters.


Construction and Operation Technology of Automatic Revolving Door


1. Install the Ground Guide Rail

Automatic doors are usually installed with guide rails on the ground with zinc plated double expansion anchors, such as the special-shaped thin-walled steel pipe automatic doors with roller guide iron pieces on the ground.

During ground construction, the standard height of internal and external ground should be accurately measured and reliable marks should be made. The position line of the guide device shall be set out according to the size specified in the design drawing and the roller guide iron piece or notch wood strip shall be embedded. The groove wood strip is 50 mm × 70 mm square, while its length is twice the width of the open door.


2. Install Cross Member

The embedded steel plate must be embedded firmly. The connection between the embedded steel plate and the crossbeam channel steel should be firm and reliable. It should be convenient to install and dismantle when installing the upper guide rail under the beam, so the movable strip seal can be used generally. It should be noted that the door should not be subjected to installation stress after the crossbeam is installed with slotted hex head wall board anchors.


Precautions for Installing Automatic Revolving Door


1. Material Requirements

Automatic door products and slotted hex head stud anchors should be made in the factory or purchased in the market according to the design requirements.

Installation materials: tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors, shooting nails, welding rods, rags and hardware materials.


2. Main Tools

The main tools include impact drill, nail gun, electric welding machine, tap, common electrical tools, gray wire package, pendant, wrench, hammer, steel tape measure, brush, level ruler, guiding rule and broom.


3. Operating Conditions

Check whether the embedded steel plate position of the hanging roller device on the upper part of the automatic door is correct. If there is any deviation, it should be handled in time.

The quality of various parts and accessories of automatic door shall comply with the current national standards and industry standards. Tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors must be selected according to the design requirements and unqualified products shall not be used.

Door frames, door leaves, flat mushroom M10 drop-in anchors and other decorative parts shall be properly kept in the warehouse after being transported to the site, which shall not be subject to impact deformation during handling. In addition, cement, lime slurry or other acid-base substances should be prevented from polluting the door surface.

Because of its convenience and rapidity, automatic revolving door can be seen everywhere at present. However, the installation of automatic revolving door with flat mushroom M10 toggle bolts also requires delicate construction process and corresponding precautions, so as to prolong its service life and reduce unnecessary troubles.

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