How to Install Aluminum Windows and Doors with Anchor Bolts?

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How to Install Aluminum Windows and Doors with Anchor Bolts?

How to Install Aluminum Windows and Doors with Anchor Bolts?

When decorating a house, many people will install new doors and windows. At present, the most popular doors and windows are aluminum doors and windows. When installing doors and windows, it is necessary to prepare electric drill, hardware wall anchor crown spring toggle anchor bolts and other tools. The following describes the procedures for installing doors and windows.



Steps for Installing Doors and Windows

First, you need to locate the three lines. These three lines are the horizontal elevation line, the vertical control line and the position control line. The horizontal elevation line is used to control the horizontal position. The vertical control line is used to control the vertical position of the window. The position control line is used to control the in and out position of the window. In this step, you need to use tape measure, infrared level and other tools.


After that, you need to install the steel outer frame. Put the steel outer frame into the wall and fix it with wooden wedge temporarily. Then adjust the position of the outer frame according to the position of the three lines until it meets the requirements of the drawing. After that, the custom hot sale anchor bolt is used to fix the steel outer frame with the wall. After the outer frame is installed, there is generally a gap between the wall and the outer frame. At this time, cement is needed to fill the gap. After that, you need to use cement to flatten the windowsill. In this step, you need to make sure that the inside of the windowsill is higher than the outside so that the water does not pour back into the room. After the cement dries, you need to brush some waterproof paint around the hole. 


After installing the outer frame, you need to install the window frame. Buckle the window frame on the steel outer frame, check its position with three lines and adjust it. There are some small holes on the side of the window frame. Drill the drilling bit of the electric drill through the small holes, and make holes on the steel outer frame to fix the good quality M10 drop in anchor bolts. Install the plastic nylon drywall anchor bolt into the drilled hole and tighten it, the plastic ceiling wedge anchor bolt can fix the window frame on the steel outer frame. After the window frame is fixed, there is a gap of 5mm between the window frame and the outer frame. Apply styrofoam on both sides of the window frame. After 10 minutes, the styrofoam will expand and fill the gap. You can use a knife to remove the excess styrofoam. 



Difference between Aluminum Window and Plastic Steel Window

Plastic steel window and aluminum window in the process is the same, in the installation, need to use high precision wall plug anchor bolt, electric drill and other tools. In terms of performance, these two kinds of windows have their own advantages. The overall performance of aluminum window is good, and it has good performance in wind pressure resistance, water tightness, fire resistance, lighting and decoration. The price of plastic steel window is relatively low, which is conducive to cost saving. At the same time, it is better than aluminum alloy window in heat preservation.


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