How to Hide Cables from Skirting Board with Cable Clips?

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How to Hide Cables from Skirting Board with Cable Clips?

How to Hide Cables from Skirting Board with Cable Clips

Now the house decoration is to bury the wire in the wall, which will not affect the beauty of decoration and safety. However, there are many people who don't like the concealed installation of wires or have to use M8 tie-wire cable clips for surface installation due to some special circumstances in real life. What should we do with this situation?


Cable Clip


The most widely used method of cable concealment is slotted hex head cable clip, which you may have used or are using now. The clip is a very thin plastic line that can pass through the wall vertically or horizontally. The cable tray is a square plastic channel used to store cables and prevent them from being placed randomly. Because of its low price, easy to use and widely used, flat mushroom M8 cable clip has become a popular cable management method. Although they need to be enhanced in aesthetics, flat mushroom M6 cable clips are generally named the best ideas when considering other available methods. Although the slotted hex head M6 cable clip can be made to match the color of the wall, it is impossible to completely camouflage it.


Cable Clamp


Cable clamps cannot hide the cable from view completely but fix the cable to the wall to keep it clean and tidy. They are mainly used when the cable needs to run around the outside of the doorway, which can be achieved by using tie-wire plastic hollow wall anchors to secure the cable to the top of the skirting board and the outer edge of the lintel. It is also a good idea to use cable clamps to hold visible cables in place regularly to keep them clean.


Skirting Board with Cable Slot


Many manufacturers produce a full range of skirting boards and can choose to add cable rebate, which is a small concave channel. At the back of the skirting board, there is a slot like space for cables, but there is no ugly plastic. Generally speaking, the height of cable slot is 20 mm, but the groove depth varies according to the overall thickness of skirting board.


To ensure the durability of the skirting board, we always leave 6 mm MDF board to form the channel surface. Therefore, the depth of the cable slot is equal to the total thickness of the plate minus 6. For example, a skirting board with a total thickness of 15mm has a notch size of 20mm x 9mm. The notch size of skirting board with total thickness of 18mm is 20mm × 13mm. If the total thickness of the skirting board is equal to 25 mm, its notch size is 20 mm × 19 mm.


Skirting Board Cover


The skirting cover can be made to fit your existing skirting board size, so it can be renewed without removing it. These covers can be machined to accommodate any cable you want to hide. However, when selecting the skirting cover, you should be sure to provide the height of the skirting board to be covered, so as to ensure that the groove is 10 mm higher than the skirting board and can be installed comfortably. If you want to put a cable behind the cover, it needs to be placed along the top of the skirt. In this case, you need to measure the height of the existing skirting board (from the floor to the top of the cable) to ensure that the cover is of the correct size.


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