How to Hang Pictures and Mirrors on the Wall with Expansion Bolts?

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How to Hang Pictures and Mirrors on the Wall with Expansion Bolts?

How to Hang Pictures and Mirrors on the Wall with Expansion Bolts?

This article introduces the detailed steps of hanging pictures and mirrors on the wall with expansion bolts.


Almost everyone wants to hang framed pictures and mirrors on the wall, but few are confident to do so. They always doubt whether they are using the right M8 split ribbed plastic anchor and other problems. But the fact is that it's easy to master the picture with a little practice. With some tips, you'll learn the basic strategies and techniques to be able to choose the right M8 tie-wire plastic conical anchors for any situation.


Step 1: Mark the Center of the Wall and the Height of the Picture


Marking the center of the wall space will provide you with reference points for other measurements. If you don't need to put the picture (or mirror) in the middle of the wall, you just need to mark the center of the picture. It is generally recommended to hang images on 57 to 60 inches above the floor. The specific steps are as follows.


After measuring the total width of the wall area, divide the measurement by 2 to find the center.

Mark the center of the wall with a pencil or other tool.

Mark the wall with the desired height at the top of the picture. If necessary, mark with a crosshair in the center.


Step 2: Clean the Walls


Use a clean rag and isopropyl alcohol to clean the wall surface where the frame will be placed. Do not use standard cleaning products as it may contain residues and inhibit adhesion.


Step 3: Measure the Frame


The most accurate way to determine the proper location of slotted hex head plastic toggle anchors on a wall is to directly measure the frame on the back of the picture. If the picture is suspended with lines or a single hanger, just measure the height of the hanger. If the frame has two slotted hex head plastic hollow wall anchor fixing points (one on each side), measure the height and distance between the two.


Mark the center of the frame by dividing the width of the frame by the size of 2 for easy reference.

Measure the distance from the top of the frame down to the flat mushroom M8 extruded plastic plug. If a rope suspension is used, it needs to be tensioned to the top of the frame before simulation.

If there are multiple flat mushroom M8 nylon wall anchors, the distance between them should be measured.


Step 4: Mark the Anchor Location


Mark the location of the flat mushroom M8 toggle bolt on the wall using the dimensions in step 3.


Measure down from the crosshairs on the wall and mark with the height measurement of the frame fixing point.

From the opposite side of the new mark, the size should be equal to half of the distance between two fixed points.

Make a mark on the second fixed point using the full measured distance between the two fixed points.

Level check to ensure the two marks are level and remark the remaining fixing points as required.


Step 5: Paste the Picture onto the Wall


After holding the frame at an angle, place the top edge of the frame against the wall, which should align with the horizontal line. Carefully lean the frame down against the wall so that the M8 tie-wire knotting plastic anchor sticks to the wall. 

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