How to Choose the Hanging Paintings?

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How to Choose the Hanging Paintings?

How to Choose the Hanging Paintings?

We all want to give our home an artistic atmosphere, especially on a bare wall, it is very necessary to hang some artistic paintings. There are still many considerations before placing the paintings. For example, where is the painting hanging? How to choose your own personalized paintings? What kind of paintings are needed for what style? How to choose a frame? How should the paintings match the design? To solve these problems, when we choose to hang the painting, we should take the following 6 questions into consideration.



1. Where Are You Going to Hang the Paintings?

The first step is to look at a hanging picture you like and think where you want to hang it.



2. What Paintings Are You Going to Hang?

First of all, ask yourself what atmosphere do you want to present in the home? Active? Quiet? Modern? The answer to this question can help you decide what color of the hanging picture and what theme you need.


According to it to decide whether you need portrait painting? Do you want dark colors? Do you want black and white photography, etc., so that you can choose purposefully from the vast choices. At many times, we actually just need a hanging picture that can be noticed and will look beautiful when viewed. It doesn’t need the profound meaning of this painting, the complicated story behind it.  Even an idol poster is OK.



3. What Style and Feeling is Needed?

For example, we want to choose a painting in the living room, and ask about your favorite colors, themes, graphics, etc., or if you like to travel, you can consider landscape paintings,or you can hang a combination of paintings mixed with photos, even add some physical ornaments, such as hanging plates, hanging mirrors, and various small wall decorations. Here we have to keep in mind what atmosphere we need to express.



4. What Kind of Picture Frames Do You Want?

For the color of the picture frame, the commonly used picture frames are basically acceptable, white, wood, dark, if you want to choose metal, old wooden or colored picture frames, then you must be aware that these frames will distract people, so that people's realization shifts from the painting itself to the frame. Generally speaking, we want the painting to become the visual center rather than the frame.


For example, if there is a warm gray wall, the white and light wood frame will be very harmonious. The width of the frame is also very important. Is it a thin frame or a thick one? The wide wooden frame is more suitable for the hanging picture in the rustic style, but in the modern and simple style, the thin glass frame is more suitable, but the key is to look at personal taste. Of course, in order to make the photo frame more stable, you also need to prepare hex head long toggle bolts, high quality gravity long toggle bolts.



5. Is the Frame Reflective?

This is also a matter of personal preference. Regardless of whether the frame is matt or reflective, it mainly depends on the needs of the atmosphere. White matt is a good setting for the painting itself.



6. How to Design the Paintings Layout on a Wall

The easiest way is to measure the size of the wall and make a layout in PS. If there is a physical object, you can lay it on the ground to determine how to arrange. You need to pay attention to the best looking protagonist paintings should be placed in sight height, other matching paintings are spread out around it. Use M8 high quality long toggle bolts or best heavy duty long toggle bolts to fix them. Don’t deliberately arrange all paintings to be overworked and compact, it will be less interesting. You need to leave some space to give each painting a breathing space.


When using flat mushroom long toggle bolts or slotted hex head long toggle bolts to fix paintings, be careful not to damage the wall as much as possible. If you are afraid of wall damage, you can ask a professional person to help fix it.


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