How to Choose Electric Drill and Install Expansion Bolt?

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How to Choose Electric Drill and Install Expansion Bolt?

How to Choose Electric Drill and Install Expansion Bolt?

There is a sleeve with regular split tail outside the M8 lag screw shield anchors and the tail sleeve will be pulled open when the bolt is driven into the wall. The commonly used electric tools are electric drill, impact drill and electric hammer. The principle of electric drills is high-speed rotation, which are usually used in the processing of wood and thin metals. Both percussion drill and electric hammer use the drill to hammer the wall by carrying out expansion and contraction movement at the same time. The purpose is to crack the wall to achieve drilling. The difference between impact drill and electric hammer is that the hammering action of impact drill is completed by irregular gears, while the hammering action of electric hammer is completed by another motor.


Selection of Expansion Bolt and Drill Bit


If you need to install zinc plated double expansion anchors with an electric drill, you should make preparations Evaluate the weight of slotted hex head wall board anchor and select the appropriate model. If you are not sure for yourself, ask a professional hardware store staff. When you start to select a drill bit, you should follow the principle that the drill bit should not be thicker and longer than the slotted hex head stud anchor. Finally, the reliability of the wall itself needs to be assessed.


Procedure of Installing Expansion Bolt with Electric Drill


Mark the position on the wall and mark with a pen. Remember to trace the whole hole and keep it clear.

Take out the hammer and turn on the power. If it's indoor construction, you can put newspaper on the floor and paste newspaper on the wall. When it is necessary to use the ladder to leave the ground, pay attention to the safe for yourself.

Place the hammer perpendicular to the wall and align the tip of the drill to the center of the round hole. It must be noted that the force of the hand should be in line with the drill bit when the switch is buckled. The battery hit by the hammer will jump slightly, so be sure to keep it steady, otherwise the drill bit will easily drift on the wall. Maybe the existing drill bit is not very ideal. For example, the drill bit may be much longer than the tie-wire heavy duty shield anchor. At this point, you need to compare the length of the bolt and the drill bit and record the position. Drilling should be done a little deeper than the location just recorded and care should be taken not to go too deep to prevent penetration of the wall.

After drilling, you need to pull out the drill bit and remember to press the switch, otherwise it will take a lot of effort. In addition, you need to clean the powder and debris as much as possible.

After drilling, it is necessary to install and smash the flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchors vertically. If the hole diameter is too small, you can screw another nut on the bolt. The stress area of the flat mushroom M10 drop-in anchor can be increased by folding the two nuts. If you find some deviation in the hole, you can try to use a hammer to correct the deviation of the bolt slightly and the flat mushroom M10 toggle bolt itself has a certain ability to correct the deviation.

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