How to Change the Bulb of a Round Chandelier with Plastic Anchors?

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How to Change the Bulb of a Round Chandelier with Plastic Anchors?

How to Change the Bulb of a Round Chandelier with Plastic Anchors?

There are many kinds of chandeliers on the market, including large crystal chandeliers and small ordinary round chandeliers. All kinds of chandeliers need light bulbs. Do you know how to replace a broken bulb with M8 split ribbed plastic anchors for a round chandelier?


Introduction of Round Chandelier

There are many styles of chandeliers in the market and the common styles are square dome chandelier, pointed oblate chandelier, spherical chandelier, semi flat ball chandelier, semi spherical chandelier and small rectangular chandelier. Among them, circular chandelier is widely used in our daily life and it is more convenient to install with M8 tie-wire plastic conical anchors.


Structure of Round Chandelier

Round chandelier is composed of wire, slotted hex head plastic toggle anchor, hexagon nut, lamp holder, energy-saving lamp holder, ballast, ceiling plate, upper decorative ring, square, central pole, lower decorative ring, lampshade, round cover and decoration.


Round Chandelier Bulb Replacement

The round chandelier is fixed by slotted hex head plastic hollow wall anchors during installation and the size of flat mushroom M8 extruded plastic plug should be determined according to the style and size of round chandelier. In the process of changing the round chandelier, we should know the number and specific position of flat mushroom M8 nylon ceiling anchors, which can effectively prevent some unnecessary problems when replacing the bulb.

Cut off the power supply and rotate the lamp cover slightly. When rotating to a certain position, you will see three clips. As long as you press and hold the clasp, you can remove the lamp cover, so that you can replace the bulb.

After replacement, try to turn on the power to check whether the bulb is normal. Install the lamp cover and fix it with flat mushroom M8 toggle bolts if it is OK.


Style of Round Chandelier

European Candlestick chandelier. If the living room area is large enough and the floor height is high enough, you can choose the European Candlestick chandelier, which will not appear to be overcrowded in the living room, but also can highlight the unique charm of European style.

Crystal chandelier. Crystal chandelier is often used in the villa living room decoration, which can make the villa look classy and imposing. After lighting, the light reflected from the crystal chandelier will not be too dazzling. What we need to pay attention to is that we can't choose the crystal chandelier with too complex style, otherwise it will affect the overall decoration effect of the living room.

Glass chandelier. Glass chandelier is very rich in modeling design, which is not only suitable for living rooms of different styles, but also can meet the pursuit of individuality of modern people. Not only that, the glass chandelier color is various and the price is also very affordable.

Chinese style chandelier. The exterior design is full of classical flavor and its installation with M8 tie-wire knotting plastic anchors in the living room area can make people feel happy. Chinese pattern is more artistic under the light projection, which will enhance the whole family's grade.

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