How to Avoid the Danger of Tip-over Cabinets?

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How to Avoid the Danger of Tip-over Cabinets?

How to Avoid the Danger of Tip-over Cabinets?

Recently, a surveillance video was uploaded on the Internet. During the surveillance, a 3-year-old boy pulled the drawer of the cabinet in the house from top to bottom to play. When he opened the bottom drawer, the whole cabinet and the ornaments on it hit the child! The cabinet of hundreds of pounds slammed heavily on the ground.


In an instant, the cabinet fell right on the child's leg. I dare not imagine how the child will be hurt if it is one second late. The mother who was cleaning upstairs heard the sound, saw the overturned cabinet, and hugged the child. However, not all children are as lucky as this little boy, and deaths caused by such "life-threatening furniture" overwhelmed happened repeatedly.


The BBC reported that since 1985, there have been more than 300 IKEA drawer dumping incidents in the United States and Canada, resulting in the death of 8 children and the injury of 144 children from 19 months to 10 years old. IKEA only ordered the recall of 29 million drawers and dressing table in the United States in 2016.


Although IKEA China also launched the recall campaign for the Malm series of drawer cabinets, only more than 20,000 people in China responded to the recall. There are still more than 1.9 million IKEA drawer cabinets all over the family in China, threatening the safety of children at home.


The drawer cabinets are large and heavy. Why do they "fall down when you touch it"? Some people say that these cabinets look stable and heavy, and there seems to be no security risks. Why do such tragedies happen frequently?


When the drawer cabinets are pulled layer by layer and the center of gravity deviates from the supporting surface, only one finger is needed to turn it over.


Some people may say that drawers that meet national standards should not have such hidden dangers.

In fact, the national standard is not high. It only requires "two-thirds of the drawers to be opened, and the resulting pressure will not cause the cabinet to collapse". It has never considered how many things are placed in the cabinet. If the child climbs up the drawer, what will happen?


In addition to the drawer cabinets, these "killer" furniture should also be investigated.


For example, a hollow rack used to store books and decorations at home. Another example is a row of drawers that does not look high and has a stable center of gravity. If these cabinets are not fixed with slotted hex head metal toggle bolts or heavy duty black metal toggle bolts, etc, they may collapse due to children's climbing and pulling.


Naughtyness is the nature of children. Climbing cabinets and opening and closing drawers is a treasure hunt for them.


If no precautions are taken, the child may be playing happily in the last second, and an irreparable tragedy will occur in the next second. For the safety of children, the cabinet must be fixed with heacy duty M6 metal toggle bolts or high quality comboround metal toggle bolts, if it is not fixed, it is a nightmare for parents and children.


Take the IKEA Malm drawer cabinet as an example. In its manual, it is stated that the cabinet should be fixed to the wall with M10 high quality metal toggle bolts.


Mom and Dad need to check the similar drawer cabinets at home in a timely manner. If you find that they are not fixed, they should be fixed with high quality gravity metal toggle bolts as soon as possible.



In Order Not to Let the Tragedy Happen Again, It is Reminded That Parents Should Keep These Points in Mind:


1. Cabinets with a height exceeding 60 cm must be fixed on the wall.


2. Try to choose a cabinet with a low center of gravity and a large weight.


3. Place heavy objects on the bottom and back of the cabinet as much as possible to prevent the center of gravity from being unstable and the cabinet body tilting forward.


4. Don't put the children's favorite toys and other items they want to get on the high place of the cabinet.


5. Do not place heavy objects such as vases and picture frames on the cabinet to avoid aggravating the injury.


6. Don't put the TV on the cabinet, the LCD TV with unstable center of gravity should be fixed on the wall with large best metal toggle bolts.



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