How To Do U-shaped Kitchen Decoration?

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How To Do U-shaped Kitchen Decoration?

How To Do U-shaped Kitchen Decoration?

U-shaped kitchen decoration is very common in our lives, its operation line is very smooth, the storage function is very powerful, which is why everyone chooses U-shaped kitchen. However, there are some important points for U-shaped kitchen decoration that we need to pay attention to. Next, let's take a look at it.



1. The Decoration Conditions Of The U-shaped Kitchen


1) The area of the U-shaped kitchen is preferably greater than or equal to 4.6 square meters, the width is greater than 1.6 meters, and the height is more than 2.2 meters, to ensure that after the cabinets are installed, there is enough activity space in the middle space.


2) Another consideration is that the sum of the three sides of the cabinets should be 4-6 meters, too long or too short will affect the operation. In daily use, the reciprocation between the sink and the stove is the most frequent, and it is recommended that this distance should be adjusted to 1-2 meters.



2. Precautions For U-shaped Kitchen Decoration


1) The Layout Of The Functional Area Should Be Reasonable

The main functional areas of the kitchen are cleaning sinks, worktables, stoves, and refrigerators. They are generally arranged in a U shape along the wall. The storage area and cooking area are placed on both sides of the U shape, and the sink is placed at the bottom of the U shape connecting the sink, refrigerator and cookware into a regular triangle. You should use slotted hex head drywall toggle bolts to fix these appliance. The clear distance between the cabinets on both sides of the U-shape is 120 cm to 150 cm, which is convenient for activities and operations.


2) The Size And Distance Of Each Area

Generally speaking, the size of the cooking area of the stove should be at least 0.9 meters wide, which is convenient for operation. The sink is generally 0.9-1 meters wide. The vegetable cutting operation area reserves 0.6 meters, the storage space is 0.6 meters, and there is at least 1m between the two rows of cabinets. It is preferably greater than 1.2 meters, which is more convenient for activities.


The main operating space of the U-shaped kitchen is best to avoid the open door area, and about 7 square meters will be more comfortable to arrange. So U-shaped kitchen is more suitable for medium-sized kitchen design.


3) Ensure An Enough Cooking Space

If you want to use it comfortably, you must have enough cooking space. The washing area needs to be 90-100 cm wide, the space for preparing and cutting vegetables should be at least 60 cm wide, the entire space area of the U-shaped kitchen should be more than 4.6 square meters. If it is smaller than this area, the kitchen will be difficult to use.

4) Small Details Of U-shaped Kitchen Decoration

When decorating the U-shaped kitchen, pay attention to the position of the door. If it is a single door, it does not matter. If you want to design two doors, it is generally reasonable to do so if the kitchen is large enough.


The above are the main points of the U-shaped kitchen decoration design we shared, because the U-shaped kitchen takes up more space. If the kitchen area of the home is small, it is recommended not to use the U-shaped kitchen.


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