How To Decorate A Perfect Kitchen?

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How To Decorate A Perfect Kitchen?

How To Decorate A Perfect Kitchen?

As a crucial area in home decoration, we must pay special attention to the kitchen decoration and design, especially the taboos of kitchen decoration. Next let’s take a look at the taboos.



1. The Direction of the Kitchen Door

In many houses, the layout of the kitchen is easy to face the bedroom or the bathroom, such a layout is very bad. If the kitchen door is facing the bedroom door, it is easy to cause the owner to be in a state of trance, upset, quarrel, etc., which is not conducive to family harmony and tranquility. If the kitchen door is directly opposite the bathroom door, it will cause a fire and water conflict, easily affecting the owner's wealth and emotions.


If the kitchen is of this layout, you can hang a curtain on the kitchen door with the zinc plated M3 plastic toggle bolts or flat mushroom plastic toggle bolts, which can play a role in dissolving the airflow, neutralizing the fire and water, and adjusting luck.



2. Kitchen Location

The kitchen layout of many communities will be in the two directions of West and Northwest, which are actually not good. Because the kitchen is a fire, the northwest and the west are gold, and the two are in conflict. If the kitchen is arranged in this direction, the owner is prone to have bad luck, bad spirits, and lost financial resources. If the layout of the kitchen is fixed, you can put a pot of green plants in the kitchen to solve it. The reason is that green plants eventually contain three properties: wood, water, and soil, so that the five-element cycle can be achieved without any impact on the owner.



3. Stovetop and Sink

When decorating a small apartment house, the stove and the sink are usually designed in a straight line, and this is a taboo against the water and fire. The best design is the L shape, so that the airflow from the stove and the sink will not form a collision. The sink should be fixed with heavy duty M6 carbon steel toggle bolts or large slotted hex head toggle bolts.



4. The Door Cannot Be Located in the South of the House

The south side is a fire, and the kitchen is also a fire on the five elements. Adding fire to the fire is not good for the home, and the south receives more sunlight and the food is perishable. If the south wind blows, the cooking smoke will fill the entire room. It is very bad.



5. The Kitchen Stove Should Not Be Placed in the North.

The stove is best placed from west to east, that is, by the west wall, which helps the owner's career and wealth.



6. Do Not Hang a Mirror in the Kitchen

If a mirror is hung in the kitchen, the mirror will shine on the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove, and the food in the pot is hit, the damage will be even greater. This is called "Tianmen Fire", which will cause fire or misfortune to the house. 



7. The Kitchen Stove Should Not Be Placed Under the Beam

People are often in and out of the kitchen, and the places where you often enter and operate should not be stressed. The beam is pressed above the stove, and the gas will come on the stove, which will have a bad impact on family members.



8. The Kitchen Stove Should Not Be Placed Between the Sink and Refrigerator

If the kitchen gas stove is placed between the sink and the refrigerator, it will form a double water trap, and there will be continuous disasters. The gas stove should not be placed under the water tower, because the water will extinguish the fire, symbolizing that it cannot gather wealth.


9. The Kitchen Stove Should Not Be Located Right in the Center of the Kitchen.

If the stove is located in the center of the kitchen, the fire in the center of the kitchen is too high, which will lead to family harmony.


When installing kitchen utensils, many fasteners are used, such as 316 stainless steel gravity toggle bolt, 6 inch snap toggle metal stud, 6mm spring wing toggle bolt, M6 316 stainless steel toggle bolts, etc. If you are not clear which fastener to use, you can contact us to consult.

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