How To Decorate A Good Kitchen?

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How To Decorate A Good Kitchen?

How To Decorate A Good Kitchen?

The kitchen is used as a small space for home life and a large function operation room, the use frequency is high. Food and drink are all required to be completed in the kitchen, so it is very important for the decoration of the kitchen. A good decoration can make people have a good mood. So how should the kitchen be decorated and designed?


1. The Design Layout Of The Kitchen


1) kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen decoration must be considered comprehensively, especially the kitchen of the small apartment, which not only saves space, but also has reasonable distribution and easy operation. The kitchen decoration is a lot of exquisite, the basic concept of kitchen decoration is "triangle work space", so washing ponds, refrigerators, and stovetops should be placed in proper locations, ideally in a triangle shape, and separated by no more than one meter.


2) Electrical Equipment Embedded In The Kitchen Cabinet

According to the different needs of each person, refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc. can be arranged in appropriate positions in the kitchen cabinets for easy opening and use.


3) The Height Of The Operating Platform

When working in the kitchen, the height of the operating platform plays a decisive role in preventing fatigue and turning around flexibly. When you bend forward 20 degrees for a long time, it will cause a great load on your waist, and back pain will always come with you in the long run. Therefore, the height of the platform must be determined according to your height.


4) Make Full Use Of The Effective Space

The gap between the hanging cabinet and the operating platform can generally be used, and it is easy to put some utensils needed, and some can also be used as a simple rolling door to avoid dust.


5) The Low Cabinets In The Kitchen Are Made Into Drawers

Push-pull is easy to pick and place, and the vision is also better. The hanging cabinet is generally made of a multi-layer grid with a width of 30 to 40cm, and the door of the cabinet is made in two sides, or a folding sliding door. When installing the hanging cabinets, prepare some small zinc installing toggle bolts.


6) Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting needs to be divided into two levels: one is the lighting of the entire kitchen, and the other is the lighting of washing, preparation and operation.



2. Pay Attention To These Points When Doing Kitchen Decoration


1) Reasonable Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is a small space with a large capacity. A variety of cutlery, knives, and ingredients are in it, so the entire kitchen is filled with things. If the storage space of the kitchen is not done well, then the whole kitchen looks very messy. Therefore, the decorated kitchen must be equipped with several storage cabinets, so as to sort these things.


2) Fume Emission

Cooking in the kitchen is very important. Whether cooking, cooking fume will happen. In the past, we built a chimney in the kitchen to discharge these cooking fumes. Now we install a range hood to discharge it. However, everyone should pay attention to that the range of this range hood and the range of the stove are no more than 60 cm apart, so that the fume extraction effect and speed are more significant.


3) Consider Cabinets Before Decoration

Because the installation of cabinets and kitchen decoration are integrated, do not buy cabinets for installation after the decoration. The correct method is to ask the cabinet manufacturer to measure before the decoration, set the cabinet style model, reserve the pipeline interface and corresponding space, and then carry out the decoration, and finally invite the cabinet manufacturer to do the construction. Be sure to buy some best zinc plated installing toggle bolts for installation if necessary.


4) The Open Kitchen Looks Beautiful

If you are a Chinese foodie who likes to do it yourself and ignores the shortcomings of the open kitchen, that is the problem. Imagine that if the room is filled with greasy and spicy, it is not pleasant. It is recommended to adopt a compromise method, high-power range hood and glass partition. It not only has a transparent effect, but also relieves the suffering of oil fume.


5) Flat And Smooth Wall Tiles Are Better

If the uneven tiles are not scrubbed and cleaned for a long time, the grease will stick to the gaps and pores and it will be difficult to remove, which will affect the cleanliness and beauty of the kitchen. Therefore, when choosing such as ceramic tiles, aluminum gusset ceilings, and artistically shaped doors, the surface should be flat and smooth.


In the kitchen design, the installation of cabinets, etc. requires a variety of small screws and bolts, prepare some long plastic installing toggle bolts, carbon steel installing toggle bolts, flat mushroom installing toggle bolts, etc., which can make our cabinet installation more convenient and stable.


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