Have You Ever Seen A Smart Clothes Dryer Installed with Heavy Duty Shield Anchors?

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Have You Ever Seen A Smart Clothes Dryer Installed with Heavy Duty Shield Anchors?

Have You Ever Seen A Smart Clothes Dryer Installed with Heavy Duty Shield Anchors?

With the development of science and technology, clothes drying machine is also constantly updated and it has entered the ranks of intelligent now. The popular hand-held clothes hanger will become history, so it is necessary to know some knowledge about installing intelligent clothes hanger with M8 heavy duty shield anchors.


Preparation Before Installation A Smart Clothes Dryer


Please check carefully according to the packing list before installation. In case of missing M8 tie-wire metal anchor bolts or other accessories, please contact the manufacturer immediately;

Plan the location and direction of the host installation;

Before installing this product, please prepare installation tools, such as scissors, cross screw driver, wrench, art knife, insulating gloves, tape measure, insulating tape, marking pen and other tools.


Installation of A Smart Clothes Dryer


If the lamp was installed with slotted hex head metal anchor bolts before, please turn off the power supply and remove the lamp.

Measure the size of the installation position of the ceiling to determine the installation position and mark it.

Paste the mounting plate on the ceiling of the designated area and mark the position of the four mounting holes on the mounting board.

Drill 4 holes with an impact drill at the locations of the holes noted and drive the slotted hex metal anchor bolts into the ceiling. Then loosen the nut at the lower end and make the distance between the gasket and the upper nut about 5mm. Remove the flat mushroom M8 metal anchor bolts and gaskets on the other side.

After removing the end covers of the main engine at both ends, lift the host carefully and insert one end of the host onto the gasket of two flat mushroom heavy duty shield anchors. Next, hold up the other end and lock the gasket and nut.

After connecting the wires correctly, wrap them with insulating tape and put them into the gap between the host and the ceiling.

Install one end of the scissor frame on the main engine mounting plate and fasten it with flat mushroom M6 toggle bolts. Put the round zinc head of the steel wire rope into the bayonet of the wire rope hook and cut off the tie band. Use the same procedure to install the other side scissor stand.

Cover the end cover of the host.

Remove the cover of the support plate of the clothing rod before installing it. Hold up the clothes bar and fix the clothes rod and the support plate with ST5*25mm self-tapping screws. Put the seal into the middle rod and the hanging mouth of the wire rope. Follow the same procedure to install the other clothing rod.

The screw plug of the clothing rod, the seal of the clothing rod, the hanging ring and the art cover are connected together in turn. The rod seal, hanging ring and screw cover are connected together in turn.


Matters Needing Attention


The selected ceiling top installation position should be solid and ensure that the tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors are installed in place.

Be sure to use the power supply indicated on the machine to ensure safety.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, the installation position of the main engine should be set in the place without rain.

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