Have You Ever Seen A Microwave Oven Hanging on the Wall?

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Have You Ever Seen A Microwave Oven Hanging on the Wall?

Have You Ever Seen A Microwave Oven Hanging on the Wall?

It is reported that in today's life, the microwave oven is widely used, which can make some cakes or hot dishes. Microwave oven is convenient to use and can cook a variety of delicious food in a few minutes. For many people, the kitchen space occupied by microwave oven is too large, especially for consumers with small kitchen, which is a very troublesome thing. Recently, a wall mounted microwave oven is on the market, which has been followed by a lot of people. Do you know how to install such a new microwave oven with slotted hex head lag screw shield anchors or flat mushroom double expansion anchors?


The New Microwave Oven Can Be Hung Directly on the Wall

Unlike the traditional rectangular microwave oven, the new microwave oven uses a circular design, whose volume is smaller and reduces the occupation of space. Special holes are reserved at the back of the microwave oven, so it is not necessary to use the wall bracket alone and the flat mushroom M10 wedge anchors and other accessories can be installed firmly on the wall without falling. When the microwave oven does not need to be used, the microwave oven can be lifted to play the role of storage. If the traditional microwave oven needs to be hung on the wall, it must be drilled in the wall and fixed with flat mushroom M8 stud anchors. Moreover, the hollow light wall is not allowed to install carbon steel heavy duty shield anchors, because the heavy thing may fall, resulting in dangerous accidents. Only the load-bearing wall can bear the weight of the microwave oven on the carbon steel M10 mechanic anchors.


According to the layout of the kitchen and personal needs, the microwave oven should be placed where you can easily get it when cooking, so as to avoid being in a hurry. Therefore, the microwave oven can be installed in the space above the kitchen, such as the kitchen back door or wall, which you are able to make full use of the narrow space in the kitchen. Before installing the microwave oven, it's better to sort out the items and then select the appropriate installation location of the microwave oven.


Simple Use of New Microwave Oven


When you should use the microwave oven, lift the cover of it gently to see the turntable. Like the traditional microwave oven, it uses touch buttons and can set the fire size and heating time to meet the needs of heating different foods. The designer said that the microwave oven shell has a metal shielding layer inside, which can make the microwave radiation value meet the safety standards, so that users can rest assured.


In addition, this new product is still in the testing stage and I believe it will be on the market soon. If you want to hang your current microwave oven on the wall to save space, you can use high-quality carbon steel M10 drop-in anchors for installation, which could be provided by HEXIE ANCHOR, a professional manufacturer for slotted hex head M8 toggle bolt.

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