Hang the Iron Flower Rack Using Metal Anchor Bolts

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Hang the Iron Flower Rack Using Metal Anchor Bolts

Hang the Iron Flower Rack Using Metal Anchor Bolts

When the developers built the house, they had already installed doors and windows. So many people don't have to worry about buying doors and windows after buying a house. But are such doors and windows really suitable for us to use directly in our daily life? If you think the original windows and doors of the house are unsafe, you can dismantle them. Before dismantling, you need to remove the original doors and windows. These doors and windows are generally installed by hardware wall anchor crown spring toggle anchor bolts, so you only need to remove the custom hot sale anchor bolts to remove these doors and windows.



Precautions of Dismantling Doors and Windows

Pay attention to personnel safety when dismantling doors and windows. The removal of doors and windows is not as simple as imagined. If it is in a high-rise building, special attention should be paid to the construction safety. In the demolition of doors and windows, it is best to have a special security personnel responsible for safety, and set up safety signs to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. 


In the demolition of doors and windows, to avoid smashing doors and windows with a sledgehammer, to prevent damage to the wall structure. If the original building wall is damaged, it needs to be repaired, so the construction cost will be greatly increased.



Process of Dismantling Doors and Windows

First of all, you should remove the door and window leaf with a screwdriver and a hammer. In the process of dismantling, it is better to dismantle the door and window by one person, and the other person is responsible for stabilizing the door and window. After dismantling the door leaf, it must be slowly placed on the ground, not directly pushed to the ground, which will not only damage the door leaf, but also may damage the floor.


After dismantling the door and window sash, you need to remove the frame of the door and window. Generally speaking, the sealant inside the door and window frame should be cut with a blade. If the frame of doors and windows is connected with the wall by good quality M10 drop in anchor bolts, the plastic nylon drywall anchor bolts can be dismantled directly with a screw driver. If the plastic ceiling wedge anchor bolts are rusty, they can be broken with an impact drill. If the frame of the door and window is connected with the wall by connecting piece, the frame can be dismantled by directly using the impact drill to destroy the connecting piece. If the frame of the door and window is difficult to dismantle from the wall, the frame can be cut with a hacksaw.


When the frames of doors and windows are dismantled, holes will be left in the wall, which are formed when the high precision wall plug anchor bolts are dismantled. So you need to fill all these holes. 


You will also use steel metric screw type wedge anchor bolts when installing new doors and windows. Our company produces all kinds of good quality wedge anchor bolts. You can visit our website and choose a good quality bolt to install doors and windows to ensure the safety of you and your families. 

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