FAQs of Distribution Box Installation

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FAQs of Distribution Box Installation

FAQs of Distribution Box Installation

Readers often leave a message asking how to install the distribution box and how to do if there is a problem during the installation of the distribution box? Today, I have sorted out some common problems that may be encountered when installing the distribution box.


What are the Requirements of Distribution Box Installation Materials?


Angle steel, flat iron, sheet iron and flat mushroom M10 toggle bolts generally need to use galvanized materials.

The type and specification of insulated conductor shall meet the requirements.

The wooden distribution box needs to be painted with anti-corrosion coating and the thickness of the panel surface should not be less than 20 mm.

The box of plastic distribution box needs to have certain mechanical strength.

The box of iron distribution box should have certain mechanical strength and the surrounding paint should not fall off.


How to Fix the Surface Mounted Distribution Box?


Fixed distribution box by flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchors:


The distribution box can be fixed on concrete wall and brick wall by using zinc plated double expansion anchors.

During installation, it is necessary to snap the line for positioning and then drill with electric drill or impact drill. The expansion part of the metal expansion bolt is embedded in the wall and the electric box is fixed by the M8 lag screw shield anchors.


Fixed distribution box with iron frame:


Straighten the angle steel and measure the size. Draw sawing line, cut and bend, drill holes and weld well.

It needs to be aligned when sawing and bending. The embedded end needs to be dovetail shaped and painted with antirust paint.

The dovetail end of the iron frame shall be embedded firmly with the elevation of cement mortar.

The distribution box can be installed only after the cement mortar is solidified.


How to Fix the Concealed Distribution Box?


According to the size of the reserved holes, the elevation and horizontal installation size of the box body should be found.

Fix the box with slotted hex head wedge anchors.

Fill the periphery with cement mortar and smooth it.

Install the panel after the cement mortar sets.

The installation slotted hex head stud anchors of distribution box shall be vertical.


What are the Requirements for Installing the Distribution Box?


The distribution box needs to be installed in a safe and dry place.

The height of similar plates in the same building should be consistent and the allowable deviation is generally 10 mm.

Galvanized round cap flat mushroom M10 drop-in anchors shall be used for fixing the panel and the spacing shall not be greater than 250mm.

When the panel of distribution box is large, it needs to have reinforced iron lining. When the width exceeds 500mm, the box door shall be double opened.

The hanging distribution box needs to be fixed with tie-wire heavy duty shield anchor.

All iron distribution boxes need to be painted with antirust paint first and then two layers of gray paint.

All kinds of embedded iron parts need to be painted with antirust paint and reliable grounding shall be done.

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