Construction Standard for Outdoor Optical Fiber Laying

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Construction Standard for Outdoor Optical Fiber Laying

Construction Standard for Outdoor Optical Fiber Laying

Communication optical cable has overhead, directly buried, pipeline, underwater and indoor laying methods, so the following are the basic introduction.


Overhead optical cable


The overhead optical cable is a kind of optical cable which is used on the pole. This kind of laying method can make use of the original overhead open line to save the construction cost and shorten the construction period. The overhead optical cable hanging on the pole should be able to adapt to various natural environments. Because the overhead optical cable is vulnerable to natural disasters such as typhoon, ice and flood, the failure rate of overhead optical cable is higher than that of directly buried optical fiber cable and pipeline optical fiber cable. The laying requirements are as follows:


The overhead optical cable shall be protected by galvanized steel pipe and tie-wire lag screw shield anchor. In addition, the pipe orifice shall be blocked with fireproof mud.

A trident protection tube shall be added at the intersection of overhead line and the elongation of each end shall not be less than 1m.

The electric pole close to the highway shall be sheathed with luminous rod with length of 2m.


Directly buried optical cable


This kind of optical cable is armored with steel strip or steel wire, which requires the performance of resisting external mechanical damage and preventing soil corrosion. Direct buried laying shall meet the following requirements:


Avoid sections with strong corrosion or severe chemical corrosion. When there is no corresponding protective measures, termite damage zone and heat source affected section should be avoided.

The optical cable and flat mushroom M8 wedge anchor shall be laid in trench and the surrounding of optical cable shall be covered with soft soil or sand layer with wrapping thickness not less than 100 mm.

The protective plate shall be made of concrete.

If the laying position is in the place where the excavation is frequent such as the urban access road, the striking sign belt can be laid on the upper layer of the protection plate.


Pipeline optical cable


The pipeline is generally laid in urban areas, so there is no special requirement for the protective layer of optical cable and there is no need for armor. Before pipeline laying, the length of laying section, connection point and flat mushroom M10 stud anchor position must be selected. Its laying must meet the following requirements.


The laying process is manual operation, so the manufacturer of pipeline optical cable should adopt the whole plate laying in order to reduce the loss of optical cable joint.

The traction force during laying should be reduced as much as possible. The whole cable shall be laid from the middle to both sides and personnel shall be arranged for auxiliary traction in the middle.

The hole position and flat mushroom heavy-duty shield anchor position of the optical cable should meet the requirements of the design drawing and the pipe hole must be cleaned before laying the pipeline optical cable.

When the optical cable is installed in the handhole, the optical cable is fixed on the bracket if there is a support plate in the hand hole. If there is no bracket in the hand hole, the optical cable shall be fixed on the flat mushroom double expansion anchors and the hook mouth of the slotted hex head drop-in anchors shall be downward.


Underwater optical cable


Underwater optical cable is a kind of optical cable crossing rivers, lakes and beaches. The laying environment of this kind of optical cable is much worse than that of pipeline laying and directly buried laying. The structure of steel wire must be used for underwater optical cable and the structure of protective layer should be comprehensively considered according to the hydrogeological conditions of the river.


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