Can Toggle Bolts be Used in Artificial Sandstone Relief Process?

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Can Toggle Bolts be Used in Artificial Sandstone Relief Process?

Can Toggle Bolts be Used in Artificial Sandstone Relief Process?

Relief technology gradually appeared in people's life and was loved by many people. Because of love for this level of technology, most of people are willing to understand the artificial sandstone relief craft flow installation with tie-wire M10 double expansion anchors and the related knowledge.


Artificial Sandstone Relief Process


(1) Bottom Finishing

The bottom must be flat and clean. If the flatness difference of the bottom layer is too large, 1:2.5 cement mortar should be used for leveling and the next process can be carried out after reaching 100% strength. The bottom layer and M6 heavy duty shield anchor with stains should be cleaned by wire brush, water flushing or other washing methods. If necessary, chiseling can be used to make the bottom layer clean.


(2) Setting Out and Fixing Hanging Pieces

Determine the number of hanging points according to the plate and determine the direction of tie-wire lag screw shield anchor by setting out and measuring. Plates with thickness less than 50 mm shall be set with 4 hanging points per square meter and plates with thickness greater than 50 mm shall be converted according to the actual situation. After determining the number and orientation of the hanging points, flat mushroom M8 stud anchors and other fixed fasteners can be selected.


(3) Grooving

The position and quantity of the corresponding hanging points are marked on the relief plate and the groove is cut out by drilling or toothless cutting saw.


(4) Embossed Board on the Wall

Apply glass glue on the clean bottom and apply stone glue in the groove, while the distance should be within 250-350mm and the adhesive surface of the plate should be cleaned before gluing. Sandstone relief panels installation with zinc plated M10 mechanical anchors are usually strenuous, so it requires 2-3 people to hang together.


(5) Product Maintenance

Clean up the colloid and the surface of the board. Then cover the sandstone relief plate with transparent plastic film to maintain the artificial sandstone relief and flat mushroom M10 wedge anchors.


What are the maintenance precautions of Artificial Sandstone Relief?


(1) Do Not Flush Directly with Water.

Like natural wood, natural stone is a kind of porous material that can breathe, so it is easy to absorb water or invade pollution through water dissolution. If excessive water and pollution are absorbed, stone will inevitably cause various stone diseases, such as cracking, weathering, falling off, floating, yellowing, water spots, rust spots, whitewash and fog. Therefore, the stone material that you choose to install the material with slotted hex head drop-in anchors should avoid washing with water or using wet mop to wash the stone surface.


(2) Non-Contact Articles

Stone materials are afraid of acid/alkaline substances. For example, acidic substances often cause pyrite minerals in granite to oxidize and produce yellowing phenomenon, because acid will decompose calcium carbonate contained in marble to cause surface erosion. Alkali can erode the quartz silicide crystal in granite and cause the grain exfoliation.


(3) Do Not Wax at Will

There are many kinds of waxes on the market, including water-based wax, tactile fatty acid wax, oily wax and acrylic wax, etc. These waxes basically contain acid-base substances, which will not only block the pores of stone breathing, but also be stained with dirt to form wax scale, resulting in yellowing of stone surface.


(4) Do Not Use Non-Neutral Detergent

In order to obtain the quick cleaning effect, the general cleaner contains the acid and alkali. Long time use of cleaning agent with unknown composition will make the surface luster of stone lose completely.


(5) Do Not Cover Carpet or Sundries for A Long Time

In order to keep the stone breathing smoothly, it is necessary to avoid covering carpet and sundries on the stone surface for a long time. If you have to lay carpets or pile things up, don't forget to keep the stone materials and slotted hex head toggle bolts clean.

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