Can Nylon Fishlike Anchors Be Used for Toilet Towel Rack Installation?

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Can Nylon Fishlike Anchors Be Used for Toilet Towel Rack Installation?

Toilet has a very humble but essential small object--towel rack. Basically, every family's toilet will use slotted hex head plastic toggle anchor to install towel rack, which is to facilitate daily use. When taking a bath, you can hang the towel on the towel rack so that you can get it at any time or you can hang something you often need on the towel rack. Do you know how to install the towel rack with flat mushroom nylon wall anchors?


How to Install Towel Rack with Plastic Anchors?


1. Accessories Selection

Tie-wire nylon fishlike anchors selection. Towel rack can be installed with M8 split ribbed plastic anchors, because this will make the ceramic tile wound small, easy to operate, not rust and easy to maintain.


2. Towel Rack Selection

The color of towel rack should match the faucet and mirror (such as round mirror).

If the taping on the tap is silver white, the edge of the towel rack should also be silver white or have no trim at all. It is worth noting that do not use gold trim, or it will make people feel very discordant.


3. Towel Rack Size and Height

The installation height of towel rack should conform to the comfort degree of ordinary use.

The height of towel ring from the ground is 900-1400mm;

The towel rack is generally installed above the bathtub and opposite to the faucet, 1600mm above the ground.

The double pole towel rack can be installed on the open wall in the central part of the toilet and it needs to be 1.5 meters above the ground when it is installed separately. The single pole towel rack can be installed on the open wall in the central part of the toilet, about 1.5 meters away from the ground;


4. Installation of Towel Rack

Before installation, one hand can be used to hold one end of the hanging rod of the towel rack and the other hand can be used to clean up some small burrs and some peeled paint chips.

The electroplating and coating quality of the shelf base should be noted.

When the angle of view is about 70 ° to the incident light, defects can be easily detected.


Notes on Installation of Towel Rack

During installation, drill holes on the wall with electric drill and put M8 tie-wire nylon fishlike anchors in.

Tighten the screws with a screwdriver or other tool.

In addition, it should be noted that the fixed points of each base are generally equipped with slotted hex head plastic anchor, which cannot slide or rot teeth, otherwise it will be difficult to fix. We can use a small screw driver to try and purchase the flat mushroom M8 nylon fishlike anchor after confirming the quality.


Toilet towel rack installation is a relatively simple operation. You only need to consider the purchase of installation materials and choose the appropriate towel rack and flat mushroom M8 toggle bolt. As long as you do homework in advance, you can also have the level of decoration master.

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