Can Metal Anchor Bolts Be Used to Install Glass Doors?

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Can Metal Anchor Bolts Be Used to Install Glass Doors?

Many families choose to install glass doors with tie-wire metal anchor bolts to improve the decoration effect, which is not only beautiful but also durable. Do you know how to install glass doors with slotted hex head metal anchor bolts?


What Is the Method of Installing Glass Doors?


Positioning and Setting Out

The glass door composed of fixed glass and movable glass door leaf shall be set out and positioned uniformly.


Top Limit Slot of Mounting Frame Installation

The width of the limiting groove should be 2-4mm larger than the glass thickness and the groove depth should be 10-20mm. During installation, two metal decorative panel edge lines are led out from the central line and then the limit groove at the top of the door frame is installed according to the side lines.


Installation of Metal Facing Wood Base

After the square wood is fixed on the ground, the metal decorative panel is glued to the wood with all-purpose glue. The square timber can be directly nailed on the embedded wood brick or fixed by slotted hex head M6 metal anchor bolt.


Installation of Vertical Door Frame

After nailing the square timber of the door frame according to the snapped central line, determine the shape and position of the door frame column with plywood. Finally, it should be covered with metal decorative surface.


Installation of Glass

After the thick glass is sucked tightly with a glass suction cup machine, it will need 2-3 people to lift the thick glass plate and move it to the installation position.


Fixation of Glass

The purpose of nailing two small square wood strips on the bottom square timber is to clamp the thick glass in the middle and the square wood is about 4mm away from the glass plate surface. Then, apply all-purpose adhesive on the square timber and stick the facing metal on the square timber.


Glass Glue Sealing

Glass glue was injected into the two sides of the top limiting groove, the two sides of the bottom bracket mouth and the joint between the thick glass and the frame column.


Glass Butt Joint

When the fixed part of glass door needs to be spliced due to its large size, the width of its butt joint should be 2-3mm and the edge of glass plate should be chamfered.


Glass Door Installation

Before the door is installed with flat mushroom metal anchor bolts or slotted hex head M6 wall anchors, the ground spring and the positioning pin on the top surface of the door frame shall be positioned. When installing with flat mushroom M8 anchor bolts, check with hanging plumb line to ensure that the center line of ground spring shaft and positioning pin is in the same line.


Install the Upper and Lower Clamps of Glass Door

Install the upper and lower metal door clamps on the upper and lower ends of the glass door.


Precautions for Installing Glass Door


Attention should be paid to the protection after the installation of the handrail with slotted hex head anchor bolts. The installation of glass door is carried out after the civil construction is basically completed. Due to the mutual interference between different types of work, it may cause deformation or surface damage of the handrail during the interval between installing the handrail with slotted hex head M6 anchor bolts and installing the glass door, so the surface of the handrail should be protected. When the handrail is long, the lateral bending of the handrail should be considered and temporary columns should be added at appropriate positions to shorten the length and reduce the deformation.


The height of the handrail at the maintenance part of the glass door should be higher than that of the stair handrail and the appropriate height should be about 1.1 ~ 1.2m.


The surface of stainless steel and copper pipe handrail is often adhered with various oil or debris, so its glossiness is affected to a certain extent. 

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