Can Hollow Wall Anchor Be Used to Install Sprinklers?

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Can Hollow Wall Anchor Be Used to Install Sprinklers?

Can Hollow Wall Anchor Be Used to Install Sprinklers?

When you drag tired body back home every night, a shower like spring breeze and rain is the greatest enjoyment. Therefore, a high-quality sprinkler is indispensable for bathroom life and the selection and installation of shower will also affect the use effect in the future. Do you know how to use tie-wire metal anchor bolts to install sprinklers?


Installation Steps of Sprinkler


Wrap the two elbow joints with the raw material belt and screw them on the water outlet joint in the installation hole with a spanner. After fastening, you should ensure that the center distance of the two elbow joints is 150 mm and cover the two decorative covers on the elbow joints;

Insert the mounting washer into the elbow joint and screw the slotted hex head metal anchor bolt on the elbow joint with a wrench to fix the tap on the wall;

Drill three holes with diameter of 6 mm and depth of 35 mm at the corresponding position of the tap water outlet joint;

The slotted hex head M6 metal anchor bolts are driven into the installation holes and the wall base is fixed to the wall with self-tapping screws. Before use, the tap should be wrapped with cloth to avoid contamination;

Plug the sealing ring into the lower end of the switch valve and fix the lower end of the switch valve with the upper end of the faucet through flat mushroom metal anchor bolts;

One end of the shower rod and one end of the switching valve are fixed by flat mushroom hollow wall anchor;

Slide the decorative cover over the other end of the shower bar and insert that end into the wall base. Lock this end with three set screws respectively and then push the decorative cover to the wall;

Open the water inlet switch and flush the pipe thoroughly;

Connect the nut end of the sprinkler hose to the connector behind the switch valve body. The flat mushroom M6 hollow wall anchor is connected with one end of the hand-held shower and then inserted into the shower seat;

Screw the top spray onto the shower bar.


Seven Points for Attention in Sprinkler Installation


The height of mixing valve from the ground. The height of the reserved inner wire elbow of the sprinkler is generally controlled between 90-110cm. If it is too high, it is easy to cause the lifting rod shower cannot be installed.

The distance between the two inner threads. The standard of the reserved spacing of shower inner wire elbow is 10-15cm and the error is not more than 5mm.

After the wall tiles are pasted, keep a plane with the wall. The thickness of the wall tile should be considered when the screw head is reserved and it is better to make it 15mm higher than the rough wall.

It's important to choose the location. Attention should be paid to the privacy of the sprinklers installed with tie-wire hollow wall anchors and you should not choose to be near the door or window generally. If there is a whole bath room, we should fully communicate with the owner about the size of the whole bath room and the installation position of the shower.

The left is hot and the right is cold, which is not only the regulations of national standards and the usage habits of the majority of owners, but also more important that the products of manufacturers are produced according to the regulations of left hot and right cold.

Fixation of inner wire elbow. If the inner wire elbow is not fixed with tie-wire M6 hollow wall anchors, the size cannot be positioned, which may lead to the situation that the mixing valve cannot be installed.

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