Can Bolts Be Used for Fully Enclosed Balcony Decoration?

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Can Bolts Be Used for Fully Enclosed Balcony Decoration?

Can Bolts Be Used for Fully Enclosed Balcony Decoration?

The decoration style of the house in the design stage is highly valued. Some people like the decoration of fully enclosed balcony, but some people don't know what decoration methods there are and don't know whether M8 lag screw shield anchors can be used for fully enclosed balcony decoration.


Decoration method of fully enclosed balcony


Whether plastic steel windows or aluminum alloy windows are used in the decoration of fully enclosed balcony, the size of balcony sealing surface should be accurately measured before sealing the balcony, so as to facilitate the processing and manufacturing of window frames, fans and flat mushroom double expansion anchors outside the construction site and transported to the construction site.


Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the size of the window is consistent with that of the opening of the balcony and the base course of the balcony opening shall be cleaned first. Remove the base material of the window close to the wall and preset slotted hex head wedge anchors after drilling the fixing point to fix the window.


When the whole closed balcony is decorated, it should follow the construction specification of convex sealing balcony. The windowsill should be made before the balcony is convex sealed, which means that the balcony wall needs to be drilled and fixed with slotted hex head stud anchors after the reinforcement is inserted. Then, tie the transverse reinforcement on the outgoing reinforcement and keep the spacing of connecting wall reinforcement at 300 mm. The spacing of transverse reinforcement depends on the width of the window sill, generally two 200mm bars. Nail the box board and cast concrete mortar at the bottom 30mm away from the reinforcement, which also needs to embed wood bricks or M8 heavy duty shield anchors in the concrete. After the concrete is dry and hard, remove the box plate and clean the window sill.


It is necessary to estimate the construction period of the whole closed balcony when it is decorated. If the balcony is flat sealed, the time of installing window frame and sash with slotted hex head mechanical anchors is shorter. Two workers can complete the installation of plastic steel or aluminum alloy windows in one day.


Features of fully enclosed balcony


It is common to use plastic steel or bridge broken aluminum windows installed with flat mushroom drop in anchors to close balconies. Their main advantages are good sealing, good thermal insulation and effective rain, dust and sand prevention.

The full enclosed balcony floor must be careful and must not be directly filled with cement mortar or brick, which will increase the load of balcony and cause danger.

After the doors and windows connected with the indoor balcony and balcony are removed, the indoor thermal insulation problem should be solved. A better way is to do a good job in balcony window and wall insulation measures with slotted hex head toggle bolts.

The interior space can be connected by removing the door and window, which is conducive to overall consideration in the design. The overall design of the whole room should not be regular, especially in the form of closed balcony.

Expand the scope of application. In the case of relatively tense living conditions, the enclosed balcony can be used as a space for writing, reading, goods storage or fitness exercise. Compared with the unclosed balcony, the use form of the closed balcony is more diverse and increases the use area of the bedroom.

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