Can Anchor Bolts Be Used to Install Toilet Mirror?

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Can Anchor Bolts Be Used to Install Toilet Mirror?

Can Anchor Bolts Be Used to Install Toilet Mirror?

The main role of the mirror is to facilitate us to tidy up clothes and make-up, so in addition to the bedroom, dressing table, porch and other places, the bathroom also needs to install mirrors. Because the size of toilet space is different, the size of the mirror installed is also different, including full body mirror or half body mirror. In general, the mirror installation form of toilet has nail fixing method, sticking method and embedding method.


Nailing Method


Lining board. In order to increase the stability of the mirror and reduce damage to the wall, a lining must be laid between the mirror and the wall. The lining can be made of 5mm plywood and can be attached to the wall ribs with small nails. Alternatively, a 3 mm thick sponge block can be used as the gasket material and bonded with latex.

Drilling. Drilling requires that the mirror be hung on the wall with M8 split ribbed plastic anchors at first, so it is necessary to use a glass drill to drill holes behind the mirror and the position of the opening should be consistent with the fixed position of the slotted hex head plastic hollow wall anchor. In addition, attention should be paid to the uniform distribution of the holes and not too close to the edge when opening the holes on the back of the mirror, otherwise the mirror cracks will easily occur. At the same time, you have to use a pistol to drill holes in the wall and insert M8 tie-wire plastic conical anchors into the holes.

Fix the mirror. After one-to-one correspondence between the mirror hole and the slotted hex head plastic toggle anchor on the wall surface, it can be fixed by screws. To ensure good appearance, you must install a decorative cover at the mirror hole to hide the screws and holes.

sealant. In order to enhance the stability and ensure the safety of use, it is necessary to seal the edge around the mirror with sealant.


Paste Method


Remove dust. In order not to affect the adhesion, the dust on the back of the mirror and the wall must be cleaned before gluing.

Stick a protective layer. In order to improve the safety factor of the mirror and enhance the stability of the mirror, it is better to stick a protective layer on the back.

Glue. In order to improve the adhesion fastness, it is better to apply a layer of glue on the wall where the mirror is installed. In addition, the glue applied to the mirror should be made of universal glue, which has relatively strong adhesion and is waterproof.

Paste the mirror. When pasting, you can press the mirror with both hands. Pay special attention to the corners during the pasting process and make sure to fit tightly to avoid falling down in the future.


Embedding Method


Fix the frame. If the bathroom mirror uses metal strip as the frame, you can install it with the flat mushroom M8 extruded plastic plug. Usually, the frame around the mirror can be fixed to the wall with the help of flat mushroom M8 nylon wall anchors.

Cut the mirror. You can mark the surface of the mirror and then cut it immediately with a glass knife. When cutting mirrors, it is best to operate on a table or on a flat floor. To avoid damage to the floor, it is best to place a layer of plywood on it.

Install the mirror. Special flat mushroom M8 toggle bolts can be used when inserting the cut mirror into the baffle plate. The M8 tie-wire knotting plastic anchor can be screwed directly into the corner of the mirror without drilling in advance.


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