A DIY Guide to Install Cabinets with Toggle Bolt

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A DIY Guide to Install Cabinets with Toggle Bolt

A DIY Guide to Install Cabinets with Toggle Bolt

Cabinets include base cabinets, countertops, and wall cabinets. Installation is the last step of the cabinet consumption, and the most critical step, the installation of the cabinet is not only directly related to the beauty of the cabinet, but also related to whether it can be used well in the future. When fixing cabinets on the dry wall of the kitchen, M8 heavy duty toggle bolts are the first choice.



Installation steps

For the overall kitchen cabinets, on-site installation is a very important part. The main steps of kitchen cabinet installation are as follows: 1. Assembling a single lower cabinet body (connecting the cabinet body plates with three-in-one screws after assembling one by one). 2. Install cabinet feet (adjusting feet). 3. Connect the lower cabinet. 4. Install the hinge. 5. Install the lower cabinet door. 6. Install the upper cabinet (fixed with M5 stainless steel toggle bolts on the wall). 7. Install the side panel and closing strip. 8. Install the cabinet door panel. 9. Install the movable door panel with shelf nails. 10. Install the handle.


After the correct installation, as long as the dry wall is strong enough, the cabinet can be fixed on the wall and above the floor. The toggle bolts for metal studs consists of two parts: the machine bolt and the toggle, similar to the wings of a bird or airplane. The "wing" of the toggle bolt is spring loaded to make it easier to enter the wall because it presses against the side of the bolt. You can use the comboround toggle bolt ceiling hook and suitable tools to fix the free-standing cabinet to the wall in a few minutes.



How to install

Use a drill with the correct size to drill holes at each mark on the wall. For 1/8 inch small toggle bolt drywall anchor, use 3/8 inch drill bits. For 3/16 inch bolts, use 1/2 inch drill bits.


Drill holes in the cabinet. Push the cabinet toward the wall and align the holes in the wall with the holes in the cabinet. Place the washers on all four machine bolts and keep them close to the bolt heads. Grasp the wing-shaped portion of the Stainless steel butterfly bolts nuts between the thumb and index finger and compress the wing shape slightly together until you see a hole in the head through which the machine bolt passes.


With the other hand, partially screw the machine bolt into the toggle. When compressing the toggle wings, they should be perpendicular to the screws. Make sure that the machine bolt passes through the thread of the toggle far enough to prevent it from turning laterally against one wing or another.


Press the toggle wings together, and then insert the toggle and bolts into the holes in the cabinet. Lightly tap the head of the bolt with a hammer until the joint passes completely through the cabinet and the dry wall.


Pull the head of the bolt in your own direction so that the joint is close to the inside of the gypsum board. Use a screwdriver to tighten the M10 toggle bolts for plasterboard until the heads of the washers and bolts are close to the inside of the cabinet.


Repeat this step for all flat mushroom strap toggle bolts.

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